Anode Energie, Your European Energy Supplier

Anode Energie is a Dutch energy supplier, founded in 2001 in Rotterdam. Anode Energie has been active on the European energy markets right from the start. We are focused on the purchase and supply of electricity and gas. Over time, we have acquired a sound reputation amongst commercial producers and buyers in the liberalised energy markets. Anode Energie is a client-focused company, whose success is built on four pillars: Flexibility, Efficiency, Listening and Availability. Anode Energie is not only active on the energy exchanges on which electricity and gas is traded, but also in the OTC (Over the Counter) trade between producers and buyers. Anode Energie is acting as a programme responsible party, which means Anode Energie will take over all administrative and logistical aspects surrounding your supply contract. As a client, Anode Energie’s team of experienced energy professionals, all of whom have deep knowledge of the markets in which you are active, will at all times provide an overview of your energy exposure, in a clear and transparent way. It is this transparent way of doing business that forms the basis of our business philosophy. The result is a solid and balanced energy plan, giving you the certainty of having a competitive and trustworthy energy supply partner.


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